I am a fully qualified counsellor and have been assisting clients in my role as counsellor since 2015. I currently work with individuals in my private practice in Hanwell as well as working for an adult counselling charity, a youth counselling service and offer counselling at two local secondary schools. I hold a diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling from the Metanoia Institute and am in the final stages of a master’s course in contemporary person-centred psychotherapy and applications. This course is accredited by the UKCP and I am also a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, abiding by their ethical framework for good practice.

The way I work

I am trained in the Person-centred approach founded in the 1940s by Carl Rogers, an American psychologist. This approach is rooted in the Humanistic school of therapy, a type of therapy which places trust in the individual having the capacity to make the necessary changes to grow and develop as a person.

I believe that every client is unique and that it is the quality of the relationship that is at the heart of successful therapy. It is easier to talk to someone that you feel at ease with and change is much more likely to occur in a relationship that feels safe, non-judgmental and genuine. My job is to help you, the individual to reach your full potential through providing certain qualities to the relationship that facilitate you to explore and overcome your problems. These qualities include honesty, openness, a non-judgmental attitude and a commitment to gaining a deep understanding of your individual experience. Through helping you to gain a greater understanding of what is going on for you, issues can start to feel more manageable, allowing you to find a way to move forwards.

Please do contact me for a reduced rate, obligation-free first session where you can decide if you feel comfortable with me and I will assess whether I can be of assistance to you.